Hi everyone! Just a quick post today. Ever been to a meeting but you can’t afford to take notes while in the meeting? Then once you leave you have to go somewhere and have no time to take notes?

Well with Dictation you can now simply talk to your phone and it can take down your notes in Salesforce against any record.

Dictation is a standard feature on both iOS and Android devices.

Make sure you have dictation enabled for iOS: go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Enable Dictation.

For Android: Settings > On-screen keyboard > Google Voice Typing

Now that we Dictation enabled let’s go to a meeting. Within the Salesforce Mobile App go to your record (in this case an opportunity) and Create a New Event. In the description (or any free text box) when the keyboard appears on your screen tap on the microphone symbol and then say what you need to and watch the text box populate with your words! When you’ve finished click either ‘Done’ (iOS) or the microphone (Android). This can be used with any free text box within Salesforce!

And that’s it! Enjoy the verbal note-taking!

– Jack

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