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At Dreamforce today there’s been lots of walking and catching up with some of our partners, the team at Flosum in particular have always been a great supporter of Coroma and now that they are preferred supplier for one of the big 4 we should see significant improvements in the sales and support of this product. More on flosum here:

There’s also lots of new Einstein features on the road map especially around the Voice assistant and I’ll post some more on that soon.

This mornings announcement on the roadmap for certification and job seekers showed just how committed Salesforce are to growing the skill levels of the partner community and the people within this. That means more emphasis on certification!

It’s also worth noting that Marc Benioff is seeing a significant increase in Salesforce revenue. This has always been redirected into growth of the platform, the eco-system and ultimately to the size of the Salesforce market.
Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff: The economy is ‘ripping’
CNBCSalesforce CEO Marc Benioff connects the company’s performance with the condition of the broader economy. Read the full story

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