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Last night we attended the APAC On Tour Event. As Salesforce Silver partners, it was great to meet up with Salesforce customers, partners and Salesforce employees from Australian and New Zealand.

The hospitality from Salesforce for this event was fantastic and Bentley Park is a beautiful venue. The evening started off with an introduction from Salesforce followed by networking, networking and more networking! There’s something really nice about meting up with other Australians while you are overseas, especially as clients of Salesforce and Salesforce themselves were all in the one room.  There were a number of our clients in attendance and it was great to hear of the successes they are having using the platform.

The Americans are so hospitable and friendly! We have made new friends, while queueing for sessions, who we run into and they call out ‘My new friends from Australia!’ but it was still nice to hear familiar accents around the room. I was at the food buffet and when I’d added some salad to my plate and was moving along the table, the bloke next to me said ‘swapsies?’ in a thick Aussie accent and I felt very at home, although so far away ☺ Sean went to for a brief run yesterday in his Collingwood football jumper, and as he ducked past the masses of Dreamforce attendees someone yelled out ‘GO THE PIES!” which followed by a random hug from a fellow Australian.  There is so many people here, but we keep bumping into people from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane!
It’s really great to be part of this Salesforce event and we have already seen positive results with our customers and with the Salesforce team from Australia!

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