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For many years Australian Not For Profits have been seeing a reduction in donations due to the ever-increasing cashless society.

When approached by charities on the street I am penniless, I honestly can’t remember the last time I had cash in my wallet, let alone a pocket full of coins. You see I’m one of those guys in the queue that pays for everything using his Apple Watch, and why not!

Recently, ANZ announced it was adding a donate button to one of its products allowing electronic donations 1, while this is both great news for the two hundred aligned charities and a positive step forward for the ANZ, it won’t help the other forty thousand or so registered Australian charities.

“It is these unheard of Australian charities doing it tough every weekend at intersections and street corners around the country that Coroma intends to help.”

Thousands of Australian charities do it tough every weekend at intersections and street corners around the country. And as governments reduce funding, increase bureaucracy, reporting 2 and legislation, these charities and those they support are losing. Coroma would like to help by introducing a pathway to a safer, more secure method for collecting donations.

Coroma, working with Square Payment Australia plan to help these Not For Profit groups adhere to stricter legislation and accept electronic payments via a new Quick Donate application.

Backed by a recognisable brand like Square, people will be more likely to use Tap & Go technologies, and since we can make it super-fast and super-smooth, drivers and pedestrians alike will be more likely to donate when approached.

The Quick Donate mobile application allows a user to choose between two collecting activity types and begin tap and go collections anywhere a wifi or 4G signal is available around the country. Functionality around centres on two distinct use cases for collection:

  • Collection at intersections
  • Collecting at fundraising events where larger amounts or alternate locations.

Collection at traffic intersections, where transactions need to be fast, presents the collector and donor with a streamlined flow with fewer options. Donation buttons are set to show a range of amounts allowing a choice of donation. The donor then simply taps the reader held by the collector with their card or mobile device to make a donation.

Quick Donate Mockup

Mockup of Coroma’s Quick Donate Mobile App

When donating at alternate locations, the collector may be required to add additional information for a tax invoice, produce a receipt or sign up a recurring payment. Selecting this function in the application will introduce additional features to complete this step.

As new reporting legislation comes into effect in 20193 requiring tighter reporting, we can expect to see even broader divergence between small business and NFP reporting in the near future as these regulations impact the sector. The Quick Donation app removes twelve steps recommended by CPA Australia4 around cash receipts and will streamline reporting responsibilities by electronically recording amount, location, collector and event data. Alone we expect this to be an advantage for financial reporting.

When we considered the advantages for smaller groups who have shied away from implementing recurring payments due to cost or security concerns, partnering with Square to build this solution makes even more sense.

Removing the need, costs and security concerns for smaller NFP groups to self-managed credit card storage and user data, may open up a whole new stream for receiving regular donations for thousands of groups.

Mobile and Salesforce power

Many NFP groups may operate under the assumption that only the big boys can have nice toys. Coroma aims to balance the books by introducing a Salesforce Not for Profit license for increased reporting and additional tools to help build, grow and create relationships where previously there were none. To quality for the Salesforce Power Of Us license, Australian organisations must produce a copy their registration ( ACNC Registration or DGR ). Other countries can find their respective eligibility criteria here: http://www.salesforce.org/nonprofit/power-of-us/eligibility-guidelines/

Take a look at our prototype screen designs

If you are an organisation that feels you may have something to offer, or wish to implement our application to aid your group, please contact us at +61 488 071 505 or team@coroma.com.au 

– Wayne


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