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In today’s post we are going to use Conga Composer to automate the creation of a contract for our new employee: Minion SF

Firstly, let’s setup Minion’s contact record within Salesforce.

So this is a basic Staff Member setup…we value Minion very, very much.

Now that we have all the information, we need to set up a button or link so that we can build our template.

Go into Setup -> Contact -> Buttons, Links and Actions.

There should already be a button there called ‘Conga Composer’. DON’T USE THIS BUTTON. Click on the button then copy the URL.

Create a ‘New Button or Link’ and paste the URL

Save as a new link. NOTE: Links work for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. However, buttons only work for Salesforce Classic.

Now we have to add the link to our page layout. Open the page layout that you wish to see the button on and simply drag it down into the ‘Custom Links’ section.

Save the page layout.

Because we’re going to be using a currency we’re also going to have a make a formula field since Conga does not bring in the formatting of a currency field ($100,000 appears simply as 100000)

Go to Setup -> Contacts -> Fields & Relationships.

Create a new Formula Field that returns text.

This formula will put in a comma:
IF(Super_Incl__c >= 100000,
+ “,” + RIGHT(TEXT(Super_Incl__c),3)

This might seem like a lot for just a comma…and it is.

This formula basically says that if the amount in the ‘Super_Incl’ is greater than or equal to $100,000 then we take the first three digits of the ‘Super_Incl’ field (100). If it is less than $100,000 then it would take only the first two characters (10).

After getting the first few characters we’re putting in the comma (+ ”,” +) and then taking the final three characters of the ‘Super_Incl’ field (000). This works for all values between 10,000 and 999,999.

Now return to the contact record and your new link should be visible (make sure the ‘System Information’ section is expanded).

Click on the new link and this should open Conga Composer in a new popup.

Here is the Conga menu. For this post we’ll be using the ‘Tools & Settings’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

Click the button and then select ‘Template Builder’. After it has loaded expand the ‘Master’ section and you will see all the available fields.

Scroll down and find the field you wish to have in the document and copy it. To copy a field, simply click on the small paper icon to the right of the field. This copies the necessary formatting for our document to know where to put the information.

With the selected field go to your document and simply paste it where you would like the information to appear.

Do this with all the fields required until you have a slightly uglier document. NOTE: If filling out a field where there is currency, make sure to put the appropriate dollar symbol before the field.

Obviously, if you already have a template then you’ll put these copied fields onto that document like so:

Once you have completed filling out your document we’re going to upload it into Salesforce so that we can later select it quickly.

Within Salesforce, go to the Conga Templates object and create a new template. For this example we’ll only need to name the template.

Once we have created the template go to the related ‘Notes & Attachments’ and upload your newly created template.

Now let’s test it out.

Go back to your contact record and click on your new link. After Conga has loaded, click on your new template, select the ‘Output Options’ then click ‘Merge & Download’

After it has downloaded, open the file to see your new document!

What a great looking contract! This was a very basic document and there is a lot to expand upon including customisation, automation and integration with other Conga products that can allow you to do much, much more. This will lead to a future post in which we’re going to set up Conga Sign and we’ll take this contract and send it to a manager and Minion for them to electronically sign!

– Jack

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