Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, CPQ, Einstein – it’s an unending list of things that we learn and Develop on Salesforce! Things just don’t cease with Winter release, afterwards follows Spring release…and so on…

With all the technology buzzwords, meetings and schedules, I need an escape sometimes, to rejuvenate. I found my way to recoup was through travel and photography.

I got myself a DSLR a decade ago, and then on I was hooked on photography. Initially, only a small amount could be allocated to buy photography equipment, but that was my consciously made investment. Just like any beginner, I enjoyed clicking sunsets, flowers and birds and appreciated it, just for myself. Thanks to the digital age that we live in, we can see what we clicked instantly. Over time, I have found my liking leans towards landscape and wildlife photography. The search for better landscapes and visuals, led me get into the world of trekking. Starting in 2012, I have been a frequent trekker on the Himalayas. Apart from the stunning mountain scape, it helps me break the routine; that is Salesforce (pun intended) and replenish my energy.

Umngot River, Dawki, India

Travelling helped me meet people from various aspects of life and see things from different perspectives- it has taught and made me grow as a person. Travel has brought me here 🙂 Nine great walks of New Zealand is next in the list.

Snowleopard, Hemis National park, Leh

Just to make my article sound more serious, let me tell you a scientific fact. Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, says “Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms”. So, make sure you experience something new every year. (no I didn’t mean Lightning alone)  🙂

On our way to Annapurna Base Camp(ABC), Nepal 

– Pradeep

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