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It’s not even day one of Dreamforce and the PS+C Team have been busy already. Preregistration always opens early so we have collected our conference badge this morning. The registration was as always powered by Salesforce including QR Scanning and then the compulsory identity check.
We registered at Moscone East this year rather than one of the hotels surrounding the Moscone convention centre complex, along with around 15,000 others!
Total conference numbers are expected to be around 170K.
Our first meeting is a Customer catch-up with the team from Beyond-19 at 7PM, their AppExchange product is almost ready and this will be followed up with 2 more packages immediately afterward. It will be a great year for the Beyond-19 people and I know they’re looking at presenting to DF19!
As always Salesforce are releasing the latest and greatest at Dreamforce. There’s no surprises yet but it’s good to see the Salesforce have added new trails in MuleSoft, Einstein and now Blockchain.
I’m expecting product announcement around these but more importantly for partners I also think that an alignment of the certification process and trailhead is overdue. Let’s hope that happens soon.
After catching up with the B19 guys it’s off to a Powerup for Dreamforce, it’s been a long day already!
– Mark

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