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I watched a really informative session on Health Cloud. It was great to see how Salesforce Health Cloud can be applied to provide clinically relevant information to patients.
  • In this example, the patient information was captured in Salesforce.
  • A journey was created and mapped based on the patient’s information (in example a customer had a family history of breast cancer).
  • A personalised campaign was then sent to the customer’s mobile, (based on her family history asking if she’d like to attend an information night).
  • The customer then chose to call the hospital in response.
  • The IVR brings the call information into Salesforce and the customer is recognised by caller ID in Salesforce.
  • The consultant is able to bring up her information, including patient information.
  • The consultant can view the campaign sent to the customer.
  • Heath Cloud advises the consultant of next possible actions.
  • The consultant has the option to add the customer to the portal.
  • Required information is then sent to the customer via the portal.
  • A feedback form is then also sent to the customer via their phone.
I found this journey really relevant and an efficient way to provide health information. Traditionally there have been gaps for patients and I believe this will propel the industry forward in a beneficial fashion.









Even more importantly for PS+C Coroma the use case can be transferred directly to all of our customers, imagine a superannuation provider that actively manages your investment strategy and prompts you to a more appropriate plan, a bank that suggests the best possible mortgage or savings plan, an energy supplier that maps your usage against your plan.

Closing the loop between marketing journeys and real world product and quote is possible already, we have done this for some – extending this to all will generate what everyone is after … return on their Salesforce investment
– Sam

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