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Mondays announcement on the partnership between Apple & Salesforce is pivotal.


The announcement made on Monday detailing the partnership agreement between Apple and Salesforce is part of a wider move by Apple to extend growth into the Enterprise of their IOS based product set.  Apple have previously restricted their support of Enterprise customers to 12,000 or so customers, they have significantly expanded their engagement this year and are committed to growing this part of the business in the next 5 years – they have acknowledged a significant investment in this area starting this financial year.


So what does this mean?


Apple have announced general availability of some core pieces of technology.  The release of the Salesforce SDK will enable platform developers to leverage the necessary technology stack to access Salesforce data with the corresponding security mechanisms included.  This will see the cost of developing a Salesforce centric mobile solution decrease dramatically.  Apple have clearly stated their desired direction for development and this SDK will only be available for Swift.  Objective-C will not be supported.


Additionally Apple have directly involved themselves in development of the education material to support the SDK with course content now being offered through Trailhead (the first 2 modules of what no doubt will be many more was released on Monday), given the announcements around the certification path I would be expecting Salesforce to start offering a specific Mobile certification (endorsed by Apple) relatively soon.


The immediate benefit for users is that Salesforce1 is likely to change rapidly as Apple apply their own set of development standards and learnings to not only the unde3rlying source code but to the UI as well.  Expect better integration of Salesforce1 and the IOS feature-set – especially around the established release schedule for IOS.  Equally important though is the introduction of MySalesforce this allows a quick out-of-box mobile app to be developed and deployed through the iTunes store, MySalesforce is enabled on request but I’m expecting to see significant adoption of this throughout the Salesforce community.


In an interconnected world, this partnership is set to drive more adoption of technologies like Einstein Voice on iPhones & iPads along with more point and click Mobile apps.  Watch this space!


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